Verlange nie zu viel!

Roger the Miller


         Em         Am         Em

1. OhRoger the miller came courting out late

       Em       G      Em       C

To afarmers fine daughter called beautiful Kate

       G       Hm

Shehad to her fortune a many fine things,

  Am D

Beautifulskills, gold and diamonds and rings

       G       D      C       G

Herfather he gave her a neat plot of ground

       Em       C      G       Am      D       G

Shehad also a fortune she'd also a fortune of five hundred pound


2. So the money and supper they both were laid down

What a beautiful sight to see five hundred pounds

The sight of that money and beauty likewise

Made Rogers heart greedy and dazzled hid eyes

Now that your daughter and money are here

'tis I will not have her, 'tis I will not have herwith out that grey mare.


3. Sothe money and supper were taken from sight

Andlikewise young Kathy his own hearts delight

AndRoger was taken and shown out the door

Andordered not for to come there anymore

Itwas then he did tear at his long yellow hair

SayingI wish I had never I wish I had never spoke of that grey mare


4. Now it was when six months they were over andpast

And Roger the miller he met with his lass

I think I do know you then madam said he

I am the same way with you sir said she

A man with you features and fine yellow hair

Oh he once came a courting he once came a courtingmy fathers grey mare


5. Oh it was not a courting the grey mare I came

But you my own jewel my Kahty by name

I thought that your father would never dispute

To give me that grey mare with you to boot

And not to risk loos such a beautiful son

Oh it's now I am sorry it's now I am sorry for whatI have done


6.For your sorrows young Roger I have little regards

Forthere is plenty of man in this town to be had

lfyou forgotten the grey mare you'd be married you see

Butnow you have neither the grey mare nor me

Theprice of that mare it was never so great

Sofare thee well Roger fare thee well Roger you sorrowful state


7. Now Rogers away to his desolate home

And he sighs as he sits there and sups all alone

Kathy she sings she is happy and gay

She'd wed a young miller who works the long day

So lads when you courting be always aware

To court with a young maid to court with a youngmaid and not a grey mare.

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