Herz und Schmerz - so fühlt die Zurückgelassene:




1. The waves crash in and the tide pulls out


It's an angry sea but there is no doubt


That the lighthouse will keep shinin' out

        Em         Hm

To warn the lonely sailor


And the lightnin' strikes and the wind cuts cold


Through the sailor's bones to the sailor's soul


Till there's nothing left that he can hold

     Em       D

Except the roarin' ocean



     Em         Am       D

But I am ready for the storm

  D4            D

Yes all ready

     Em               Hm

But I am ready for the storm

  Cg     D7   Em

I'm ready for the storm


2. Oh give me mercy for my dreams

'Cause every confrontation seems to tell me

What it really means

To be this lonely sailor

But when the sky begins to clear

And the sun it melts away my fear

I'll cry a silent weary tear

At those that need to love me




3. Distance it is no real friend

And time will take it's time

And you will find that in the end

It brings you near a lonely sailor

And when you take me by your side

You love me warm, you love me

And I should have realized

I had no reason to be frightened



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