Galway Rover

by Pete St John
     A                                                 G              A                                                                                                                                              
1. I've the face of a stranger, with a smile of a rover
     A                                                           G                A
I'll take a glass at down Kinvarra, and a jug at Oughterard
     A                                                 G                     A
Down the great donkey road to the hills of Connemara
     A                         D                              E                          A
To my dark spanish handsome love way down in Galway town
              D       A         D                     A                    D
Where Jimmy he's my love, he's my pride he's my darling
   G                        D                    Em             A
Jimmy leaves me wonder to the ends of the world
   D      A              D                     A                            Hm
Jimmy brings me love, gives me hope and sets me dreaming
            G                          D                     Hm                    A
And when the leaves are turning, in his arms I'll settle down
N.C.           D                                      
In Galway town
               A                                         G                       A
2. The spring brings the swallow, a fresh land of the rover
                   A                                                   G                A
Where the blushing summer roses shed their petals to the glen
               A                                                       G                A
And the long breathless evenings, where the loneliness is heaven
     A                                      D                    E                       A
Makes the dreaming come so easy on the road to Galway town
Where Jimmy etc.
               A                            G                  A
3. The curlew are calling, a shy form is prancing
               A                                           G                     A
All the ferns on them bulbing by the thousand gentle eyes
               A                                              G                            A
All the creatures of Eireann, sing their own sweet songs of pleasure
     A                         D                            E                       A
As the rover goes a-whistling down the road to Galway town
Chorus 2x
Where Jimmy etc.


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